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Streaming live events to large audiences at scale is challenging. Anything can happen to ruin the moment pre-event, live and post-event, and viewers just won’t tolerate their much-awaited game or awards show from failing to appear on their devices. Traffic spikes can lead to outages. Storms can cancel events last minute. Any mistakes pre-event on your part can equate to a blank screen or leaked footage. Basically, you only get one shot to get live done right, and that’s absolutely daunting.

Our Live Streaming Solution solves several challenges that face live events broadcasters today.

It’s the industry’s only fully integrated solution to simplify your live event workflows so that viewers will enjoy seamless, TV-like quality live events, on every screen, every time!

We officially announced Live Streaming Solution at IBC Amsterdam 2016. To date, our Live Streaming Solution has successfully delivered over 28,000 major live events for leading sports broadcasters. We’ve streamed millions of hours and can scale live events to over 10 million concurrent viewers and authenticate 20,000 viewers a second.

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Location variability

A live broadcast will need to travel across expansive networks with inconsistent connectivity and touch multiple vendors before instantly appearing on a viewer’s device.

Variable live feeds

Live streams don’t always come with in-band markers that signal ad breaks, etc. Scheduling live events is complicated because advertising formats are not a consideration, and mother nature is extremely unpredictable.

Event life cycle

Traditionally, a live broadcast can have multiple stream URLs to orchestrate for pre-event, live, post-event and VOD. Multiple URLs create synchronization complications with your front and back end and can equate to a blank screen for users.

Resource scheduling

Live broadcasts have many infrastructure moving parts. Without proper resource scheduling, you may be left with too few or too many encoders or operators.

Content delivery at scale

Live broadcasts follow a unique ebb and flow pattern. Unlike VOD, a live events audience can grow like wildfire, causing networks to experience traffic spikes locally, nationally and even internationally.

Our Live Streaming Solution simplifies your live event workflows with enhanced support and monitoring features.

Live scheduler and operator dashboard

Use the cloud-hosted scheduler and operator dashboard to help provision encoders, manage live feeds, insert ad breaks and push slates.

Simple live event ingestion

Ingest a live source from the event site or point of origination using commodity hardware and minimal egress capacity (less than 5 Mbps for HD streaming).

Single URL

Publishing a single live-stream URL that transitions seamlessly between pre-event, live, post-event and VOD greatly simplifies the syndication of content to internal or third-party content management systems and apps.

Live to VOD

Immediately create on-demand content for playback without uploading or encoding a second time – all with the same URL.

Live clipping

Quickly clip highlights of your live event to extend the life of your content across mobile, social and web platforms. Clipping helps engage viewers on all platforms and creates a virtuous circle that drives linear channel ratings.

World-class content delivery network

Deliver flawless video streams across the globe with our Edgecast Content Delivery Network.

Industry-leading compliance

Enjoy the industry-standard in broadcast compliance, monitoring and analytics with our Volicon Media Intelligence service.

Enterprise QoS (Quality of Service) tools

Access real-time health status and alerts integrated into our Network Operations Center (NOC) monitoring, management and failover tools.

24 x 7 NOC monitoring and support

Rest assured that with a single phone call you can reach round-the-clock support with two dedicated NOCs manned by engineering staff to solve any issues.

Analytics and insights

Correlate viewing analytics with network performance using our vertically integrated, truly end-to-end platform (ingest, packaging, storage, delivery, consumption and monetization) tools.

Live Streaming Solution managed service

Schedule and operate events with our turnkey solution for live events. Our operations team can act as an outsourced master control center for broadcasters who have a large number of events to manage.

Transparent pricing

Pay only for the hours used: encoding, storage and streaming thanks to our clear business model.

Our Live Streaming Solution is for broadcasters, venue or event producers that want to do live events right, every time.

  • Do away with complex workflows and simplify management of live streaming.
  • Deliver quality, simplicity and scale easily and with the help of just one partner.
  • Publish across any platform and have full control of monetization.
  • Lower costs – no expensive specialist appliances to buy and manage.

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